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Robert Coleman
6/19/2018 3:30:00 PM

Morning with Dad & brother we got a mixed bag of walleyes, perch, crappies and one decent catfish. Brother caught the big Eye of the day: 22.5" / 4# 1oz! Finished the day off with an evening at another lake and I put the last 3 walleyes in the livewell.

Catch Details

Tuttle Lake (Okamanpeedan Lake)

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Black/ Silver Rapala
1 ft. 10 in. in.
4 lb. 1 oz.
4 ft.


    1. Tracy Chapman 0
      Never I meant LOL
    2. Tracy Chapman 0
      I have bever caught 1 any tips??
    3. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks Tim & Karen
    4. Tim Troyer 1
      It sounds like you have a great day with your Dad and your brother. So cool. I am heading out this morning with my wife to catch some Saugeyes together. Thanks for ...more sharing your photos!
    5. karen eichman 1
      Nice day Robert!
    6. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks Bryan! πŸ‘Š
    7. Bryan Harper 1
      Nice Eye
    8. Robert Coleman 0
      Yes it was Rich. Thanks bro! πŸ‘Š
    9. Rich Pardy 1
      Great day with the family!!
    10. Robert Coleman 0
      Yes it is, thanks Joel! πŸ‘Š
    11. Joel Norikane 1
      Dude it's great to see you fishing for walleye! That's a great fish!
    12. Ronald Howell 1
      Would love to catch an eye like that.
    13. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks RussellπŸ‘Š
    14. Russ Emanuel 1
      nice bunch of fish.
      I have fished a couple ultra clear Canadian lakes where the walleyes take on a golden color
    15. Robert Coleman 0
      Never paid much attention to that Noah, may be weird lighting. I don't remember it being that gold whenhe caught it.
    16. Noah Shapiro 1
      Never seen a golden walleye, very cool
    17. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks DerekπŸ‘Š We've been pretty lucky. Water temps have been around 78°!! And most of the lakes we are catching them at are 4-6 feet deep!
    18. Derek Stitt 1
      Nice haul Robert, walleye have been biting pretty good.. πŸ‘
    19. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks Melissa!
    20. Melissa Norris 1
      very nice πŸ˜€
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