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Roger Parker
6/11/2018 5:20:00 PM

Loving The Blue Cats!!!!! Guess the Weight??

Catch Details

Blue Catfish
Lake Somerville

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7 ft.

Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy
SSE at 14mph


    1. Chris Fox 0
      That's right! Gotta love a good fishing story! Haha
    2. Roger Parker 1
      It was amazing fried up!!! I had loads of fun with the pic, sent it out to family and in their minds it was a 50 pounder that I struggled with for an hour and barely ...more got into the boat... lol I will let them believe it for a while!!! At least until I come up with the next fishing story!! :)
    3. Chris Fox 0
      Thanks Roger! I'm big on catfishing myself so I know how pictures can surely make them look bigger that what they actually are. Still an awesome fish, perfect ...more size for some nice fillets.
    4. Roger Parker 0
      The catfish only weighed 9 lb 10 oz!!!!! I was was thinking 15 lbs and was quite shocked when it didn't even reach 10 lbs.. I doubled checked my digital scale ...more with a 5 lb dumbbell and the scale was correct. Nice job Chris!!! Pics can be deceiving!! My earlier post shows a truer size pic of the same catfish... Thanx all for keeping me amused!!! One day I will catch that monster!!!!
    5. Tommy Horn 1
      28 is my second guess
    6. Roger Parker 0
      I don't fish it very often and am still learning the lake,, this time I put in at Nails Creek (would not recommend it), normally I fish the lake there side of ...more the lake. At Nails Creek the water depth was 2.5 feet deep for several hundred yards out. I'm in a bass tracker, anything bigger would of had trouble. The deepest holes I could find were no deeper the 6-7 feet, but the cat fishing was good, just had to weed through the gar which was every other cast.
    7. Larry Mayberry 1
      I say 31 pounds. We were there Saturday but had no luck. Been years since I fished Somerville. Not sure just where to fish for catfish. Good fishing !!
    8. b ripoer 1
      since Tommy guessed exactly what I was thinking I will say 33 lbs, either way good job nice Blue.
    9. Roger Parker 1
      One of you is warm,, the rest are way off!! Lol Fishing Tale- I cheated and caught it on a jug line,, made 6 of them out of pvc with swimming noodle tied to a 5 ...more lb dumbbell. Baited with huge piece of cut bait (shad). I was fishing near this jug line and saw when the catfish hit it,,, the noodle stood straight up then went under for a while... when it reemerged the fish pulled it to deeper water,,, it looked like jaws was on the line, lol... I watched it for two hours while it pulled it all around the cove and waited for it to tire cause I was going to have to land it by myself from the boat in strong winds...
    10. Tommy Horn 1
    11. john stimson 1
      great catch guess 28 # Fishidy weight
    12. Matt Brahm 1
      22 1/2 lbs
    13. Roger Parker 0
      Lol... I can tell I'm gonna have fun with this.. :)
    14. Chad Jaco 1
      18 lbs
    15. Chris Fox 1
      Nice Blue Roger! Ima say 14lbs just because pictures can be tricky.
    16. Christopher Pereira 1
    17. Roger Parker 0
      Let's see if y'all can guess the weight??? :)
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