A photo of Tasha Larsen's catch

Caught By

Tasha Larsen
5/29/2018 8:17:46 PM

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass

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topwater frog


    1. Scott S 0
      Nothing better than a bass blowing up on a top water frog...nice job
    2. Jace Buchanan 0
      Beautiful, the fish too ;)
    3. Ron Richardson 0
      Gotta love top water
    4. Tasha Larsen 0
      Yes it is Randy!
    5. ohhhhhh Tasha!!! Get it girl!!!!!!
    6. Charley Young 0
    7. Tasha Larsen 0
      It was nice this morning, not anymore!
    8. Roger Parker 0
      Great catch Tasha!!! Looks like y'all were having fun..
    9. john stimson 0
      Nice catch
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