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Detroit River Angler
5/15/2018 2:15:59 AM

Great great night fishing for largemouth on top water. Walkin' tha dog with a black Zara Spook on calm waters in Airport Bay. Just about ever 2nd to third cast I had a fish lunging at my lure. Many times the missed it altogether and sometimes they would take 2 or 3 lunges at it on the same retrieve like this girl did (18", 3.5lbs). Had a blast tonight, ended up netting 14LMBs tonight between 8pm and dusk.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Detroit River

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1 ft. 6 in. in.
3 lb. 9 oz.
3 ft.

Catch Conditions

SSE at 2mph


    1. Nice bass

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