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Jeff Ultican
5/14/2018 6:32:48 PM

We were crappie fishing some docks found this bird in the water hung up in some fishing line I held the bird while my wife cut the line off its feet and wings the bird was pretty weak went back by 4 hours later and watched him fly off

Catch Details

Black Crappie
Lake Jacomo

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    1. Mike Ellertson 0
      that’s awesome man
    2. Mike Ellertson 0
      that’s awesome man
    3. Mike Ellertson 0
      that’s awesome man
    4. Scott S 0
      That's a great thing to do for our bird friends.....I did the same for a Canada gooses once(even though they are a pain in the butt for most people)
      You are ...more a true outdoorsman
    5. Brian K 0
      Wow, can't say I would have attempted that instead of calling DNR or putting on my fencing outfit that could withstand a beak like that. Great job
    6. Darrell McNeal 0
      Very Nice , That's Very Nice of you and your wife to help the bird that helps our fishing environment make an full cycle. Thank you and your wife
    7. Will Stewart 0
      So cool, thanks for sharing this story.
    8. Jeff Ultican 0
      It was like the bird knew we were helping him . He did try to peck me in the face it was really pretty cool to c him fly off hours later
    9. Will Stewart 0
      Thank you for taking the time to help this bird be free again, you did not have to do that but you did. Great job, I would put you # 1 on the bragging board
    10. Chad Jaco 0
      Very good deed!!
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