A photo of Kevin Bansleben's catch

Caught By

Kevin Bansleben
5/13/2018 12:21:41 AM

I expected a catfish but got this instead! I kept it and ate it for dinner - really tasty fish.

Catch Details

Northern Snakehead
Occoquan River

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drop shot nightcrawler
1 ft. 8 in. in.
10 lb.
30 ft.

Catch Conditions

S at 3mph


    1. NiKo D. 0
      mmm so hungry!! ill add it to my bucket list!
    2. Kevin Bansleben 0
      I fileted it and oven baked with butter, lemon juice, and dry fish rub. imo it's one of the best tasting fish out there, it's like bass but better
    3. NiKo D. 0
      I've only seen that fish on tv and I'm so curious how it tastes! how did you have it???

Catch Location

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