A photo of Roger Parker's catch

Caught By

Roger Parker
4/29/2018 4:58:54 PM

Caught on homemade tree branch pole while trying to catch perch for bait: about 8’ of 6# test line tied onto end of branch..

Catch Details

Channel Catfish
San Antonio River

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8 lb. 5 oz.


    1. Allan Prasil 0
      That's awesome dude nice catch great pole
    2. Kenneth Olivo 1
      Sweet catch and cool shirt!
    3. Roger Parker 1
      Next time I will find me a willow branch and tie some floating fly line to the end so I can compete with Noah!! :)
    4. john stimson 0
    5. Christopher Pereira 0
      hahaha, sweet, nice job!
    6. Roger Parker 0
      Thanx it was a fun fight running up and down the bank trying to tire him out,, lucky he didn't try and run for deep water!! I would of been swimming along like ...more a lab with a stick in its mouth...
    7. Jimbo Harwood 0
      That's sweet!!
    8. Robert Frazier 0
      Nice catch!
    9. Josh Sommerville 0
      Thats awesome RogerπŸ‘
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