A photo of Bryan Ross's catch

Caught By

Bryan Ross
4/29/2018 12:43:13 PM

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Norman

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1 ft. 6 in. in.
3 lb.
3 ft.

Catch Conditions

N at 6mph


    1. Bryan Ross 0
      Thanks, it was my first trip to Norman and patterns changed through out the week. There in full blown spawn now, the begging of week front of coves on docks some ...more males on beds and by Saturday saw fry around a couple of beds. Seems a little late, I guess the weather has been a little cold. Back home in Maryland we are still waiting. Hopefully this weekend.
    2. Gene Cowan 0
      You are on a roll. I grew up on Norman when it was called The Dead Sea. You could fish a year and never catch fish like that. I remember a big tournament that 12 ...more lbs won. So glad things are good now.