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C.A. Prez
5/26/2008 3:30:00 AM

Catch Details

Hybrid Striped Bass
Lake Arthur

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    1. Rick S 0
      Here's the deal... Hybrid Stipers are bred between White Bass and Stripers,, they are sterile and do not breed..
      They feed primarily on the alewife in Lake ...more Arthur, when you see them shallow its the alewife they're chasing. not bass fry.

      Hybrids are stocked annually at Arthur, walleye skipped a couple years but were stocked in 2017.

      check the stocking report http://fbweb.pa.gov/stocking/WWCWStockingDetailsHistorical_RFP.aspx
    2. Brady Johns 0
      well I was fed a bunch of bs then apparently...they do spawn. and a pa fish warden told me they didnt...nice
    3. Rick S 0
      I'd recommend you all read this,, http://www.fishandboat.com/Transact/AnglerBoater/AnglerBoater2017/SeptemberOctober/Documents/2017-0910so-05striped.pdf
    4. Brady Johns 0
      the hybrids do not reproduce as far as I know and have been told. They go through the ritual but there are no fertilized eggs as an end result. They are a genetically ...more modified fish, part large mouth part striped bass. and unfortunately feed on largemouth fry, so they can be found near spawning areas for largemouth this time of year..
    5. Brady Johns 0
      they briefly mentioned it about 3 years back along with the discontinued stocking of walleye. it's pretty sad I used to do so well with both. A new board member ...more swayed them to focus on musky and pike which there is a lot more there than most realize. I've seen numbers of large striper and bass with the heads taken off or bitten in half. i dont know why they dont want people to know...possibly the swimming g areas??
    6. C.A. Prez 0
      Thanks for the warning. When did they stop stocking? http://fbweb.pa.gov/stocking/WWCWStockingDetailsHistorical_RFP.aspx
    7. Brady Johns 0
      you know they dont stock them anymore so that means taking them out is diminishing the population
    8. C.A. Prez 0
      Sorry I wish I knew where to catch those fish this time of year. I'm new to the site and wanted to add a profile picture. it's from a few years back.
    9. Ben Carter 0
      When was this taken?
    10. Gary Parker 0
      Nice C.A. What part of the lake are they catching them?
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