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David Gray
4/20/2018 1:41:57 AM

When you can’t catch a fish for dinner why not have turkey

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    1. Michael Balog 0
      I got him David took me 35 minutes opening 5 birds shot him at 10' with crossbow👍👊
    2. Kenneth Olivo 0
      Turkey breast!!
    3. David Gray 0
      Keep me posted on your season buddy and good luck
    4. Michael Balog 0
      My season starts Wednesday thank you and congratulations
    5. David Gray 1
      Mike they are gobbling like crazy here in Kentucky we have killed our limit of 2) gobblers each me and my son the cold weather has kept them from henning up that ...more was opening weekend good luck up there hopefully they will get going for you
    6. Michael Balog 0
      with 16" of snow on the ground birds aren't gobbling here in northern Wisconsin
    7. Chris Fox 0
      Awesome David! Gonna hit the lake around 10am today, If the fish aren't biting I think I will do the same thing in the morning.. Gobble Gobble!!
    8. joathan cheney 0
      love deep fried wild turkey
    9. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      That'll work.
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