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Trent Hinshaw
4/16/2018 11:15:00 AM

How bout a 20 lb, 2 oz Turkey, 9.5 in beard, 1.5 in spur.

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9 in. in.
20 lb. 2 oz.


    1. Trent Hinshaw 0
      Thanks guys, love the outdoors in the USA!
    2. b ripoer 0
      That's a beautiful bird congrats, love that turkey hunting.
    3. J Rob 0
      Dang Trent, I think I am developing a man crush on you! Looking for a partner?
    4. Josh Sommerville 0
      Congrats Trent👍
    5. Darren Main 0
      Nice one
    6. Darrell McNeal 0
      nice Turkey
    7. Darrell McNeal 0
      bacon,cream cheese, jalapenos , and the breast in the oven is awesome ...yummy
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