A photo of George Sykora's catch

Caught By

George Sykora
4/11/2018 5:21:00 PM

I think this is a Croaker. Caught it surf fishing in Galveston

Catch Details

Spot Croaker
Gulf of Mexico (Texas)

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Fish bites - shrimp flavor
6 lb.

Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy
SSE at 12mph


    1. Wade Bowles 0
      That’s definitely a black drum. They don’t eat very well but they are fun to catch. We always called them big uglies. Nice catch!
    2. Bobby Logwood 0
      Looks more like a juvenile black drum judging from the shape and color.
    3. Richard Hill 0
      If that's a croaker it's a bigun!

Catch Location

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