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yhwh_strateuma ,
3/24/2018 2:00:00 PM

check out the vidja https://youtu.be/TPQ7dm15WV4

Catch Details

Gulf Flounder
Christmas Bay & Drum Bay

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Norton sand eel
1 ft. 4 in. in.

Catch Conditions

SSW at 12mph


    1. yhwh_strateuma , 0
      yhwh_strateuma I don't think it would be fun to wade it's muddy in those cuts. perhaps you could 'bank' fish wade to each shore line so your not ...more sinking
    2. Andrew Maher 0
      whats your insta name? is it solid ground or mud?
    3. yhwh_strateuma , 0
      I have a float tube. (kayak)
    4. yhwh_strateuma , 0
      dm me on Insta and I'll send you a map with pins on it.
    5. Andrew Maher 0
      nice were you wadin? or kayak?
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