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Nick Harwell
2/14/2018 3:32:42 AM

Fish were short striking and after losing 3, I finally put a trailer hook on and caught'm

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Seminole

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Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy


    1. Nick Harwell 0
      Sorry I missed this one but Fish Pond was a little stained....I'm sure that it is really muddy after today but that is exactly what I caught them on
    2. James Reynolds 0
      I would imagine Fish Pond Drain is a little dingy with all this rain. Has the grass taken it over now ? I use to use a Chartreuse spinner bait with a white uncle ...more Josh pork rinerailer and Colorado blades. White worked well for me also.
    3. Nick Harwell 0
      Yes spinner bait....Fish pond drain area
    4. James Reynolds 0
      Spinner bait ? Where in old Sem ?
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