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Jacob Anderson
2/21/2018 3:46:18 PM

Also picked up a decent splake before smelt fishing last night. These are quickly becoming one of my new favorite species to target through the ice.

Catch Details

Keweenaw Bay

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Catch Conditions

W at 17mph


    1. Stan Myaskovskiy 0
      Thanks! :) gotta invest in snowshoes. Best purchase I ever made. They really made me enjoy ice fishing this year and not minding a hike. I have been having minimal ...more luck so far but learning superior and having a good time regardless. Got a new ice machine so excited to see if that ups my game at all
    2. Jacob Anderson 0
      Stan, this was out in front of the Falls River. The shallow splake bite seems to have died with all the snow we've been getting, I haven't been on the Bay ...more in over a month now. Hoping for some warm fronts to get rid of the slush out there so I can walk out there again!
    3. Stan Myaskovskiy 1
      Where did you get this one? :) what side of the bay? Out today and tomorrow trying to target Splake. What depth? Of course if don't mind sharing. Beautiful catch
    4. Kevin Dube 1
      that's my go to spoon. I hammer kbay with those
    5. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice catch buddy!!
    6. Christopher Pereira 0
      very nice!
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