A photo of Eric Telban's catch

Caught By

Eric Telban
2/11/2018 4:00:50 AM

fished out of Hamburg beach , slow bite not too many fish but a few biggins😂

Catch Details

Yellow Perch
Lake Erie Eastern Basin

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jigging rapala
42 ft.

Catch Conditions

NNE at 9mph


    1. Eric Telban 0
      i think we're going tomorrow back to Hamburg beach,some guys walk from there
    2. Henry Pylkas 0
      Yeah, I don't have one of those. Wish I did. I think we are almost done with ice fishing this year unless the forecast changes.
    3. Eric Telban 0
      4.5 miles s west snowmobile
    4. Henry Pylkas 0
      how far out are you fishing? did you walk?
    5. matt badger 0
      nice fish
    6. Eric Telban 0
      take a Spud bar to clean bottom of the hole
    7. Eric Telban 0
      ice is funny,15" good ice but found spots where it was honeycomb underneath,had to use4 ' of transducer to get a reading Miller's bait and tackle,sunset ...more bay, Dave's baitand Tackle Hamburg ..
    8. Robert McKim 0
      Nice job! Have been waiting for a report from that area. How thick is the ice up there and could you recommend a bait shop?? Thanks
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