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mike callas
1/28/2018 7:09:42 AM

Out by Stockbridge first time in that area

Catch Details

Yellow Perch
Lake Winnebago

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8 in. in.
18 ft.

Catch Conditions

Partly Cloudy


    1. ray canterbury 0
      Makes sense now
    2. mike callas 0
      oh sorry ray this is in wisconsin lake winnebago stockbridge is on the n.e. side of the lake
    3. ray canterbury 0
      We don't catch them Downriver until the water warms up a little. I'm assuming Stockbridge Mich.
    4. mike callas 0
      Not really always lots of stripers some perch crappie & eyes
    5. ray canterbury 0
      Wow, Mike that is really an odd catch (for this time of year).
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