A photo of Clint Mock's catch

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Clint Mock
12/26/2017 7:37:00 PM

Caught on rod and real no leader four lb test. Looked like the 8inch hole was giving birth! I won’t forget this beast for a very long time.

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Houghton Lake

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3 ft. 4 in. in.
3 ft.


    1. William McMahan 0
      wow, I thought Houghton maxed out around the 30" Mark. That's impressive!
    2. Josh Sommerville 0
      congrats Clint, i know that was a battle👍
    3. Robert Coleman 0
      Awesome Clint! What a Pike!!!!!👍👍👍👍
    4. Jacqui Coleman 0
      Very nice! I'll bet that was exciting
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