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Jonah Switzer
10/20/2017 5:23:00 PM

Only a quarter of an inch off my Personal Best! We got off school early and took a little trip to the river and it was awesome! 30.25 inches and was the thickest Pike I've ever caught. Was an awesome fight and was such a beautiful fish!

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Tippecanoe River

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Strike King Spinnerbait
2 ft. 6 in. in.
1 ft.

Catch Conditions

S at 7mph


    1. Jonah Switzer 0
      Thanks guys! I've never tried the Kankakee but I've heard good things!
    2. Rich Pardy 1
      Nice one Jonah!!
    3. Ryan Palkon 1
      Did you ever try the kank?
    4. Jimbo Harwood 1
      awesome catch buddy!!
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