A photo of larry stephens @bankfisher's catch

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larry stephens @bankfisher
9/13/2017 12:35:38 AM

Pigs 🐷 these were the first two fish I caught yesterday got the biggest on the first cast the other one on the third cast and then the action really picked up from there.

Catch Details

Black Crappie
Lake Guntersville

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    1. Judith Jaeger 0
      Very nice catch!
    2. @fishNchipz go with as small a jig head as you can and a jig body you feel confident with and make it swim slow and as real as you can make it
    3. fishNchipz 0
      Wat is your secret bro ? I'm planning on crappie fishing this weekend ... what bait do u prefer ...I need help lol
    4. Thanks @ScottB @Bruley fall bite is on it will only get better over the next few months it will peek in late November here .
    5. Ben Ruley 0
    6. Scott B 0
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