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Charlie George
7/25/2017 4:49:09 AM

Late night fishing with my little sis, got lots of bites (mosquitoes) lol and also got this 20" largemouth coming in at 4.7 pounds

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Dayton Ponds

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    1. Just Fish 0
      @snigaligdigit nice one
    2. Charlie George 0
      Lol thanks @AndyM
    3. Andy M. 0
      @snigaligdigit @paulbarrea38 I love how people can look at any bass picture and know exactly how much it weighs....lol. good fish man
    4. Charlie George 0
      @paulbarrea38 Dayton Ohio
    5. paulbarrea38 0
      still not a 4 pounder as u can tell I don't put the weight of the fish on where r u located I can take u to some ponds and we can settle this little dispute
    6. Charlie George 0
      @paulbarrea38 lol it is dead accurate (in inches). I notice you don't have shit to say about extending your arms!!
    7. paulbarrea38 0
      how much did u pay for that tattoo because I think it's in millimeters 🖕
    8. Charlie George 0
      @paulbarrea38 lol I have a tape measure tattooed to my leg, notice how I hold the fish close to my body? All your pics your arms are extended to make the fish look ...more bigger!! Piss off
    9. paulbarrea38 0
      you need a new scale and measuring tape buddy that's a 2 at best
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