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Andy M.
5/16/2017 11:48:18 PM

wanted to share a pic of my new toy....gonna be a good season

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Other Freshwater

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    1. Just Fish 0
      @AndyM the section above the lowhead dam in west Carrollton is deep and has a decent ramp there. ive heard good things about the fishing there but never have tried ...more it.
    2. Andy M. 0
      @JustFish took her out yesterday at Eastwood metro just to test out everything.....are there any good ramps on the GMR?
    3. Just Fish 0
      @AndyM when is the maiden voyage? are you gonna put it on the gmr at all?
    4. Charlie George 0
      Let me know if you get lonely out there!!
    5. aguilar 0
      Nice gongrats
    6. John Buttacavoli 0
      welcome to the "spend a s#it ton of money on my boat" club
    7. elcapidano1 0
      New fence and a boat, did you win the lottery?
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