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michael michael
3/15/2017 10:46:41 PM

This Black Bass painted reel seat is going to AWESOME on the next build

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Largemouth Bass
Lower Laguna Madre / South Padre I.

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    1. Cambell Hall 0
    2. michael michael 0
      @Cam2245 can you email me @saltslayerrods@yahoo and we can discuss it thanks.
    3. Cambell Hall 0
      @slightchop how much you selling your rods for
    4. michael michael 0
      @Cam2245 yes I am.
    5. Cambell Hall 0
      @slightchop are you selling rods
    6. michael michael 0
      @Matthew_L I wish it was my work but it was done by Mach2Customs. Adam Lathrop he does an awesome job and I'm excited to build a new bass rod.
    7. Matthew_L 0
      Sweet! Nice work
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