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1/7/2017 4:07:11 AM

This is my buddy with his fish he caught it around mid day. Caught 12/28/16 got to get out and do some fishing with my new set up I previously posted. If you would to some of the catches I got on film check me out on YouTube subscribe and like if you wish thanks. Here is the link to see the new set up in action. https://youtu.be/-0syWjhgDdI

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Largemouth Bass
Lake Hennessey

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    1. LuringLips 0
      Haha..@kjack707 it's all good and laughter
    2. kjack707 0
      @LuringLips the haters tho smh lol
    3. LuringLips 0
      Read the comment and you will notice it's not me. But yes it's a boga grip and he was getting the weight at the time @makzymos
    4. Makz Jaramillo 0
      You allergic to fish or just getting weight of the fish?
    5. matjulin 0
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