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1/2/2017 2:43:00 PM

Fishing at neighborhood bayou and it was right after the big flood in katy and all this shad was washing up so we starting using em. This one isn't me but my friend Brenden. It was a 40 pounder. It took about 10 minutes to reel in and at the last second it snapped and he jumped in and grabbed it so it was a good fight

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Flathead Catfish
Buffalo Bayou

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    1. texascatfish1984 0
      Hey there, very nice flathead! did yall keep that monster or release it? I'm dying to catch a flathead like that, I've been trying for years? Is there any ...more way you'd show me the are you fish? I CPR!
    2. hot1075 0
      Ok thanks bro
    3. gschons 0
      Good thing it didn't swim away!
    4. HawkEye0515 0
    5. HawkEye0515 0
      There is a Bayou that flows by cinco ranch high school and that is where you're best bet would be but you would have to walk down the Bayou to the deep part
    6. hot1075 0
      I have some new catfish bait I wanna try out how do I get to that part of the bayou sir
    7. HawkEye0515 0
      Buffalo Bayou @hot1075
    8. hot1075 0
      Nice catch which bayou is this
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