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JR Giffin
11/16/2016 10:27:21 PM

Went fishing a couple days ago and caught around 12-15 bass at a spot where I haven't caught any before. I've been there 2 times and haven't caught a fish. This time I went is was in the low 50s and bass were busting like crazy. I was fishing in a corner where it dropped off from 1ft to about 5ft. The bass where schooling along a point where it dropped off a little. I used lures from a drop shot

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Largemouth Bass
Plano Ponds

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    1. JR Giffin 0
      To a lipless. They were eating every lure that had a shad pattern except for topwater. The fishing was good for the first hour or so but then it slowed down a lot.
    2. JR Giffin 0
      To a crankbait

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