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Marcus Hernandez
11/9/2016 10:45:12 PM

The reel seat on my ultra light rod broke and I didn't feel like buying another rod, so I improvised! Had some paracord laying around so I wrapped the grip and it came out pretty well! I like it a lot! Could be better but it'll do for now!

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass

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    1. Jason Delgado 0
      @EasyCastin13 McGyver!!!!
    2. Marcus Hernandez 0
      Hey, if it works, it works! lol @abuley34 I'm gonna go test the rod out in a few mins
    3. Austin Buley 0
      Haha and then maybe I'll drill a couple screws in there too😂
    4. Marcus Hernandez 0
      Super glue again then ductape it. @abuley34
    5. Austin Buley 0
      I guess that's my next step because I super glued my reel to my rod and the first time I set the hook on a fish it fell off again
    6. Marcus Hernandez 0
      Remember, if ductape can't fix it, then you're not using enough! Haha @abuley34
    7. Austin Buley 0
      Now how could one fix it if the part that goes in the reel seat breaks 🤔 (that happened to me)
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