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Sean Wilms
10/30/2016 6:18:48 PM

Fished this morning on the incoming tide, my favorite time to get these reds. Was able to scavenge a few big mullet with the net but it was scarce. Bite was solid for the first two hours. Landed this beautiful battle scared bull and missed a few others. Had one about the same size try to run under the dock and broke my line at a weak spot. Missed more bites then I care to admit and ran out of bait

Catch Details

Red (redfish) Drum
St. Johns River

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    1. Sean Wilms 0
      @King_Fisher there about the only species I've found and mastered down here so far. The rest have been alluding me
    2. King_Fisher 0
      Man I'm jealous of those big reds you've been getting!
    3. Sean Wilms 0
      Correction he was 39" not 45" like I'm the comment below, I don't know where that came from lol
    4. Sean Wilms 0
      By noon and had to call it quits. No complaints though because even on an off day for my performance I still got one good one that measured out to be 45". Sunny ...more perfect 82 air temp, light NE breeze
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