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Chris Skinner
10/14/2016 6:22:32 PM

Sunny and clear, 85°F, wind 5-7mph out of the NE, surf was very calm on an outgoing tide. Tons of mullet in the first gut, No sargassum at all. Couldn't have asked for better conditions for a day trip to PINS! Didn't get the reds were after, but hooked into several sharks including this 53" BT! Additional species were bluefish, Spanish mackerel, ladyfish, stingray, and even a smooth puffer!

Catch Details

Blacktip Shark
Padre Island National Seashore

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    1. Chris Skinner 0
      @Drew72 😂😂😂 haha that's too funny!
    2. Drew72 0
      😂 my daughter named them "popcorn fish" for that very reason! Lots of laughs this trip
    3. Chris Skinner 0
      @Drew72 haha yessir! Every time we moved they'd freak out and start jumping all over the place!
    4. Drew72 0
    5. Drew72 0
      It was insane. Walking in the surf kin of like strolling outside during a hailstorm! Mullet bouncing off us and jumping all over.
    6. Chris Skinner 0
      @Drew72 yea buddy! Can't wait to see em! We had almost the same! Could've practically walked across the mullet in the first gut!
    7. Drew72 0
      It was epic bro. First 3 days we had 1000's of mullet in front of our camp. Jacks, reds, specs, ladyfish, smacks and sharks on a feeding frenzy. Will be posting ...more pics this weekend
    8. Chris Skinner 0
      @Drew72 there ya go! How'd y'all do bud?
    9. Drew72 0
      Nice! Just returned from 6 days on PINS. Conditions were great for us as well.
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