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9/28/2016 12:12:12 AM

I caught this cat in the small lake behind Cafe Adobe in Sugarland four months ago. Totally unexpected as I was fishing for bass. My gear was a Revo S with 12 lb mono on a 6'6 MH Veritas rod. One of the guests was kind enough to take my picture from the back patio of the restaurant. It was one hell of a way to break in my new gear!

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Channel Catfish
Sugarland Ponds

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    1. wyatttrash 0
      That was my first time fishing in Sugarland. Thank you all for the cred and maybe I'll run into some of you guys soon. Tight lines!
    2. Surf_Monkey 0
      Good info. Thanks. Fished there before and not caught anything that big.

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