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John Tellier
8/21/2016 3:18:13 PM

This is my stinger rig i've been working on and testing out. For shrimp-hook the 4/0 circle hook through just behind the horn, and hook the #8 treble hook on the last ring of the tail. Use 30# fluorocarbon (not 15 or 20!), and make a cow-hitch loop at top so you can quickly put them on a swivel. I've been catchin Everything with this rig. If fish are finicky or small they nibble the back and them

Catch Details

Red (redfish) Drum
West Bay

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    1. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      @blueninja I think I may be able to go next weds.
    2. John Tellier 0
      @bomber1 lets get out there and fish! Text me when your time is.
    3. Neto22 0
      thanks for that rig ,i tried it yesterday fishing from my yak. but I have to admit that I am not used to using stingers,cought a nice striper at calaveras Lake.and ...more for got about the the rig.well you
    4. Matthew_L 0
      Love the loop knot, much better action on artificials as well.
    5. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Great info
    6. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      Should have some time coming up.
    7. John Tellier 0
      Thank you, Ed. Got a new phone, just didnt put the app on til now. Too busy fishn' ;)
    8. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      Welcome back to the crew!
    9. John Tellier 0
      lets bait dance!!!!!!!! I get much more hits with LOOP KNOTS!!!!
    10. John Tellier 0
      Also, i cut up 5" sections of small pool noodle and put about 5 of these rigs on each. They r ready to bring along! Lastly ONLY use nonslip Loop knots where ...more the line attaches to the two hooks:
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