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Bob Bob
8/19/2016 10:50:01 PM

Went to the river today and caught a mixed bag the two bass were on crankbaits and the catfish was on a live bluegill. And the buffalo I just snagged. There are tons of carp and buffalo everywhere in this creek I just don't know how to get them. They are usually always in snaggy spots around wood piles but there are plenty that are just swimming around. But they won't take bread or corn any ideas?

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White Bass
Grapevine Ponds

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    1. JLoya 0
      Bowfish them and force feed em arrows
    2. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      I hear corn flakes mixed with big red and made into dough balls work well
    3. Bob Bob 0
      Either like the buffalo and common carp how can I catch these finicky fish
    4. Bob Bob 0
      I also hooked a 30 pound grass carp in the mouth with a crankbait do they normally eat minnows or something I though it was very starve but sadly he came off the ...more grass carp won't eat bread or corn
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