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8/12/2016 2:46:15 AM

Me and one of my friends went out to a local pond in search of some nice largemouth hitting the evening topwater. Came across a pond with 3 carp sitting on the top of the water. My buddy rigged up a fowl hooking rig. Got the Carp in the tail after about 20 minutes of chasing him around the bank. He fought extremely hard caught him in about 7 FOW~. Conditions were 99 degrees and very sunny no cloud

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Grass Carp
Dallas Ponds

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    1. bristerconser05 0
      @Flomofisher caruth park
    2. Bob Bob 0
      What pond in Dallas
    3. MrCrappie 0
      Nice catch!! It also looks like a Wierd gun
    4. huddastud 0
      need to get a bowfishing rig! haha
    5. Lincoln Craigge 0
      That's a giant
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