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8/11/2016 4:28:13 PM

Got the opportunity to fish Gary Yamamoto's ranch thanks to some really good friends who invited me. Caught a lot of fish and got to spend some time with the man himself. Didn't catch the true giant we were after but we'll hopefully be back for more in the future.

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Largemouth Bass

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    1. Charlielewis3 0
      It's worse then I thought
    2. callumsparrow 0
      Hype beast. he has 3x White Ultra boosts too
    3. Charlielewis3 0
      No doubt
    4. TRafferty 0
      Lol true. @Charlielewis3 but why not if you get the opportunity.
    5. Charlielewis3 0
      Fishing hype beast
    6. John Buttacavoli 0
    7. Taylor Glover 0
    8. callumsparrow 0
      thanks to some really good friends
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