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8/1/2016 8:38:17 PM

Caught 3 steelhead and a limit of 6 Walleye today out of Wheatley. Fishing wasn't hot but there was pretty steady action with white bass and small Walleye. Only had 4 steelhead takes and landed 3. Fishing in 55-60 fow. Steelhead were around 40-45 feet deep. Started the day off higher in the water and slowly figured them out. Air temp was 78* water temp was warmer than normal so the fish were deep

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Steelhead Trout
Lake Erie

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    1. ChrisA 0
      @seaturtles thanks! Guy on the right looks a little smaller from being scrunched up in the cooler. These fish are amazing. They jump like Marlin. Never seen anything ...more like it.
    2. Sean Wilms 0
      Nice couple fish there! 👍

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