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7/27/2016 2:04:26 AM

Caught this little guy fishing on the bottom. I don't know the real name of these, we call them oyster fish down here

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Other Saltwater
Pointe Aux Chenes Complex

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    1. mmmyers 0
      Dog fish or rock fish not eating
    2. floridafisher2002 0
      I caught one before they are really disgusting fish to eat. Don't even try it.
    3. tampafish 0
      They are trash fish I wouldn't eat them
    4. Antman33 0
      I mean u can but I would not
    5. Antman33 0
      They are kinda like junk fish
    6. Zach 0
      @Antman33 why not
    7. Antman33 0
      No don't eat them
    8. Zach 0
      @tampafish @pocfishin they any good to eat?
    9. pocfishin 0
      Also called oyster dog or dogfish. Scientific name Opsanus beta.
    10. 2005_rusty 0
    11. tampafish 0
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