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Sean Wilms
7/12/2016 11:43:58 PM

This is all I really have to show for today. I caught lots of small bluefish early on and one decent Spanish mackerel on gotcha plugs but the bite quickly died and I had to scrounge and conserve bait. I missed one potential cobia to a crimp failing on a leader I bought. The stingrays and sharks got thick around 5 ish. I hooked and battled two big stingrays. The first which was easily twice the

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Atlantic Stingray
Virginia Beach

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    1. Sean Wilms 0
      I would if I had a kayak to take it out with. For now I need to use setups I can cast a long way from the pier and beach @Jimmy_Lynch
    2. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      @seaturtles penn senator combos aren't too expensive to find. Get yourself a 6/0 or 9/0 and spool it up and get after them
    3. Sean Wilms 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch mines an Abu Garcia ambassador 7000 with 20lb mono mainline on an offshore angler ocean master 12ft heaver
    4. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      What setup are you currently using?
    5. Sean Wilms 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch maybe once I get a saltwater kayak and a big senator reel I'll try Ray but until then j got to go with bait I can cast.
    6. Sean Wilms 0
      @pondking I believe it. Last year I hooked a ray pushing well over 100lbs but I couldn't get it up the 30ft water column with only 20lb test. The one yesterday ...more was probably about 80 it wasn't small
    7. Sean Wilms 0
      @tampafish actually the Chesapeake bay has the best cobia fishing in the world during the summer. They go as far north as New Jersey. I only recently got into saltwater ...more and no I have yet to land one
    8. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      That's good shark bait my man.
    9. pondking 0
      Stingray put up crazy fights I caught a 80 pounder on a charter a month ago and it was the hardest and longest fight I have ever had by a mile it was an exaughsting ...more 45 minute fight but it was a blast
    10. tampafish 0
      Didn't know cobia were up that far north have you ever caught one
    11. Sean Wilms 0
      88 air temp, water dirty and turbulent, 2-4 foot swells, water temp 82, very little baitfish at all, few working birds, slow and frustrating day, hoping to beat ...more the bad lack saltwater streak soon.
    12. Sean Wilms 0
      Line failure toward the rig. I went home a bit frustrated but at the very least I was able to sell this stingray for $15 to some lady that likes them so my ticket ...more more then paid for itself.
    13. Sean Wilms 0
      Size of this one broke the line when I was passing my rod to someone to help me get around another pole. The other was this decent guy. I also had two sharks bite ...more me off and two more brake me off due
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