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7/7/2016 3:40:45 PM

Besides this giant 10 inch sunfish, yesterday absolutely sucked. Mainly because my GoPro's clamp mount broke and the whole thing, along with the camera itself, sank to the bottom of the lake. I dove down myself and felt with my hands for an hour trying to find it, then I used a rake, and even a saining (how is it spelled?) net. Then, a scuba diver came out, and even he couldn't find it. Ugh.

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Redear (shellcracker) Sunfish

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    1. milo 0
    2. milo 0
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    3. Kaden Baskins 0
      Nice shellcracker. And sorry bout the GoProđź‘Ž
    4. Beagles 0
      not cheap but good fish
    5. Jesse Webb 0
      Ouch. Sorry for your loss. I know those ain't cheap
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