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7/4/2016 2:55:58 PM

I'll address keeping the fish first. Personally I would have released them, but the guy I was fishing with was saying they taste amazing coming from such clear and cold water. I'll take his word for it. We were fishing giant slabs of flat rocks in 7-10 fow. We would cruise or drift along looking for the fish on these slabs of rock and then sight fish them. Air temp was 75*, 5-8 mph wind, sunny.

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Smallmouth Bass
Lake Huron

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    1. Chuck LaBruna 0
      ...tho Smallies, as good as they may be, I don't view as a food fish and always release them. Again, that's just me tho. Now, if I' fishing for walleye ...more or perch, you' better believe I'm keepin a few
    2. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Nothing wrong with keeping fish now and then, bud. Selective harvest is fine, and it's your business anyway you know? As you know, I also practice pretty strict ...more CPR, but now and then I'll keep some...
    3. ChrisA 0
      @Drew72 I've heard they taste good, but I always catch and release if it's up to me. When I do keep them they are always good eating though.
    4. Jacob Breaux 0
    5. Drew72 0
      I practice CPR down here but wouldn't hesitate to cook some up again if I hit those northern lakes again
    6. Drew72 0
      I grew up fishing northern waters and ate SMB & LMB on a regular basis. They are delicious!
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