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Sean Wilms
6/29/2016 11:32:42 PM

This is the only good fish I landed today, kinda had a tough day with loosing rigs and fish. This dusky shark wasn't big but it fought surprisingly good. I hooked into two stingrays, one of which pushing 70lbs I got to the net twice but still broke off and the other popped off. I also hooked 3 other sharks, one being a 5-6ft monster but threw my leader and the other one bit through as well and the

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Other Shark
Virginia Beach

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    1. Sean Wilms 0
      @CJS21 that sucks man. Usually sharks are some of the easier fish to get in if they don't bite through the line. I was just off or something yesterday
    2. Sean Wilms 0
      88 air temp, water temp in high 70s, glassy early water, lack of wind, incoming tide, lots of menhaden around, mostly clear skies.
    3. Sean Wilms 0
      Last broke off due to a line disfunction. The bigger stingray broke the top guide to one of my heavier a too, dam... At least there was no shortage of baits.

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