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6/21/2016 1:14:36 AM

Went out to the lake on a nice day with ok production. Caught around 10fish with this one being the biggest at 2.5lbs. Water temp was 73* with clear sky's. As u can see I was the one catching fish while my buddy was catching something else lol. I guess you gotta catch something 🍻

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Largemouth Bass
Lake Berryessa

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    1. LipHunter 0
      Nice Berryessa chunk. Norman never fails out there
    2. kjack707 0
      @LuringLips okay. well i can do a weekday if i just let me know a day in advance..
    3. LuringLips 0
      Not sure hopefully one of these weekends comin up @kjack707
    4. kjack707 0
      sup man when we going out??
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