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mike gardiner
6/18/2016 7:40:01 PM

As mentioned in previous post, fish got bigger as week went on. :) This one went about 30" and caught on my last night on Sanibel... Almost last cast as sun was going down. Love it when that happens! Most caught on above bait, but also called a few on mirrordine. A great week, and can't wait for next year. God bless!

Catch Details

Fat Snook
Sanibel and Captiva Islands

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    1. MrsBankfisher 0
      I love Sanibel! Nice catch!
    2. mike gardiner 0
      Thx Matthew
    3. Matthew_L 0
    4. mike gardiner 0
      Thx ssss! Pulled some serious drag down the beach. Ha
    5. ssss 0
      Good fish
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