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6/10/2016 11:10:37 PM

Urban Fishing under a highway in a small creek when something awesome happened. We were catching trout like this one when one swallowed the hook and ended up dieing. Although it was small we decided to keep it so it doesn't go to wasted. We then waded out into the water for more trout. When we got back the trout wasn't on the stringer and we saw a big northern water snake swimming away. We followe

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Brook Trout
Nepaug Reservoir

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    1. H180 1 0
      Beautiful trout
    2. asb_fish 0
      Caught with @jkmfishing
    3. asb_fish 0
      It to where it coiled up next to a rock. When we saw the stringer in its mouth we realized what happened. We the. Caught it and safely released it without the stringer ...more in its mouth

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