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5/28/2016 9:24:16 PM

Finally got my Bowfin and he measured out to be 23 inches which is a citation fish in NC! So stoked right now, this has to be one of the coolest fish I've ever caught and man did he fight. He bent my hook into a circle when he slammed the plastic, and took off running while doing some gnarly jumps. Everything about this fish is prehistoric and definitely marks one of my best catches yet.

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Burnt Mill Creek

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    1. Noah Seeley 0
      Omg my grandparents live there and I fish there
    2. Sean Wilms 0
      Ya dude bowfin and gar are my favorite freshwater fish to catch, unbeatable in fighting power and uniqueness
    3. tillerenzo 0
      No way this is my last one these things are angry dinosaurs, and in my opinion a highly underrated fish. But the next fish on my list will be a gar. @seaturtles
    4. Sean Wilms 0
      I imagine this won't be your last bowfin either
    5. tillerenzo 0
      Thanks dude hard work pays off @seaturtles
    6. Sean Wilms 0
      Way to go man
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