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4/30/2016 6:54:34 PM

Saw a video of a guy catching these in Bayou St. John but I didn't know they were in the park. Put up a hell of a fight

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Yellow Bass
New Orleans City Park

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    1. Zach 0
      Awesome! Haven't caught one of those in a very long time
    2. steveaux 0
      I caught two, my dad didn't do so well lol
    3. pepper222 0
      That's a good one
    4. BigEasyBassin 0
      Y'all caught anything?
    5. steveaux 0
      Nice fish man... We were out there this morning
    6. pocfishin 0
      Wow, beautiful colors on that yellow bass. Nice.
    7. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      That's a big one for a yellow bass
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