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4/23/2016 11:27:10 PM

My son hauled in this 24 1/2 red hottom fishing with dead shrimp. It was the only one we saw for the day. Packery Channel is still a dead zone.

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Red (redfish) Drum
Packery Channel

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    1. BaffinBayAddict 0
      Ehhh it broke your rod tip??
    2. SAfisher 0
      cool thanks. I am heading down Thursday of next week. let me know what you see. I might head to the flats between aransas pass and port aransas. see what that offers ...more up. my wife what's some reds.
    3. frank78413 0
      yes i fish it often. Live shrimp on the bottom will usually score trout, red, drum, spanish mackrel abd lots of hardhead, cant stand them hardheads. Im thinking ...more I mite go out there Wednesday.
    4. SAfisher 0
      Do you fish the packery often? I've been to the packery three times and have had pretty good luck. I'm debating on whether to hit the packery again or ...more explore a little bit. any advise?
    5. frank78413 0
      I havent seen anyone catch a sheephead in bout a week
    6. SAfisher 0
      nice one. nobody catching sheepshead?
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