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4/13/2016 2:47:16 AM

Casted out my shaky head and noticed that the line hadn't stopped. Closed the bail and reeled in the slack, pulled up on the rod and say the line moving so I set the hook!

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Largemouth Bass
Seabrook Ponds

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    1. KeepItReel 0
      Hey man , you have an Instagram ? Wanna go fish that pond
    2. Bassman138 0
      Cool @brando123 sounds good
    3. brando123 0
      It is a private pond
    4. brando123 0
      I know someone @Bassman138 you can come with me sometime if you want
    5. marshallb116 0
      nice bass @brando123
    6. Bassman138 0
      I've fished in the pond directly across the street took my two man on it lol but got kicked off. is this one private or do u know somebody @brando123
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