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Andrew Orton
3/31/2016 3:53:53 AM

Last week I was playing golf with a few of my friends and I happened to come upon what I assume is a mullet. If it is a mullet it is the biggest mullet I have ever seen. When we finished playing we went back to measure it and it was 28 inches, 1.25 inches off the state record. I think that a bird picked it out of the water but dropped it and that's how it got there.

Catch Details

Fantail Mullet
Galveston Bay

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    1. marco98 0
      I thought I snagged a log @Flounder_Pounder8484
    2. Andrew Orton 0
      Did it put up a fight?😂 @marco98
    3. marco98 0
      Dang I caught one in my castnet that was 30.5 in here in Dickinson
    4. rozuna 0
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