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3/29/2016 2:16:03 AM

After @CooperMarchetto went golfing this weekend and saw the big girls were locked on, we went to the golf course and caught a bunch of nice bass by sight fishing and eventually pissing them off

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Largemouth Bass
Dallas Ponds

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    1. Taylor Glover 0
      oh, i get it now aggravating them i feel dumb lol
    2. Taylor Glover 0
      oh i thought it was spooking! picking them off was much better. good job man golf course pond fishing rules
    3. marshallb116 0
      nice bass @jackfain7
    4. jackfain7 0
      Haha it corrected it, it was pi**ing originally @TaylorG
    5. Taylor Glover 0
      I wouldn't tell anyboby if I ******** fish off. just kidding
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