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Jacob Breaux
3/27/2016 1:22:58 AM

Love catching them on top! Nothing big but caught 3 little chunks after sunset with this being the biggest about 2.5 lbs. All fish caught right on the bank, in 1 FOW. Give the bait a couple twitches, then let it sit 5 seconds.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Pearland Ponds

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    1. GrayVP 0
      Where did u catch that at
    2. Jean-Pierre Alkarra 0
      nice 9 and a half
    3. The Jungle Explorer 0
      Oh okay. My bad. Nice reel.
    4. Jacob Breaux 0
      @Jungleexplorer the reel is an Orra Inshore
    5. The Jungle Explorer 0
      I use the H20 Express Too. been a good real so far.
    6. marshallb116 0
      nice bass @bassinboy01
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